10 Tips To Buying Hunting Property

Author: Phil Brown

May 30, 2019

When it comes to buying a hunting property, you want to take it nice and slow. Rushing can lead to buyer’s remorse and a piece of land that you are not 100% satisfied with.

As an avid outdoorsperson, finding the best hunting property for your needs and wants is critical in having a successful season. Here are 10 essential tips for finding and buying a hunting property:

Make A List Of Desired Locations

Searching for the perfect hunting property takes time and dedication. You do not want to focus solely on one property and miss out on that gem one county over.

When choosing a location for your hunting property, there is no right or wrong answer but you will need to take into consideration the states and counties on which you would like to focus. Remember to consider price, distance, and friends in the area.

Take the time to tour and inspect several hunting properties in your search.

Do You Want An Established Property?

Take the time to think about how much effort you are willing to put into a property. Do you want a turn-key property with an established deer herd, stand locations, food plots, timber openings, or do you want a blank canvas so you can do the work yourself?

Some people enjoy the work while others want a property that is already established.

Do You Want A Lake Or Pond?

Lakes and ponds can be a great addition to a property, especially when capable of supporting a fish population.

However, don’t assume that every property will support a lake or pond. Consult with a professional geologist and engineering firm to help you determine if a hunting property you wish to purchase has what it takes to give you the lake or pond you want.

Get Financing Before Your Search Begins

If you are going to finance part of your purchase, get pre-approved before you start looking and making offers. Financing contingencies will weaken your offer and give other potential buyers the upper hand.

Understand A Property’s Access Rights

Do not buy a property lacking clear deeded access for ingress and egress.

While it may seem like a simple matter to enter and leave a property with an already-established way to do so, ingress and egress rights should not be taken for granted.  If the property is landlocked or has limited access to a road, you will have to go through someone else’s property to enter and leave and will want those rights documented when making the purchase.

Ingress and egress rights may not be on the deed itself, but rather verbal or on another document. Talk to the owners of adjacent properties to work out ingress and egress rights and get permissions clearly and legally negotiated and recorded.

Look At Surrounding Tracts

Everyone has neighbors and it is a lot more fun to have good ones than to have neighbors you don’t get along with.

Look at the tracts that surround the parcel and understand who owns them. Working with a good realtor who’s well connected in the area will help you with this process.  Establishing a good relationship with your neighbors will go a long way in making your hunting property more enjoyable.

Don’t Worry About Personal Property

It can be fun to think ahead and plan out every little aspect of your dream hunting property, but manage those expectations for now.

Instead, focus on the land you want to buy and do not get hung up on personal property such as ATVs and tractors. These items can be found used or new after you finalize the purchase of the real property.

Do You Want An Income-Producing Property?

If you need or want income producing property, determine the amount up front and narrow your search accordingly.

When purchasing a hunting property for income purposes manage your expectations and understand the property’s ROI potential, as it will differ from property to property.

Always Survey The Land

If the seller does not have a survey, always have one conducted on the land before you close. You don’t want to buy problems such as encroachments or incorrect boundaries. Never assume that a fence is the property line!

Work With A Licensed Realtor

Work with an experienced licensed Realtor that is a Land Specialist. A well-connected and knowledgeable agent can help you find the right property, guide you through the negotiating and purchase process, and introduce you to service providers in the area to help establish your own exceptional hunting property.

Phil is Broker/Partner at Trophy Properties and Auction. He is a licensed broker in Missouri, Illinois and Iowa and is a Land Specialist.

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