79.5 Acre “Mud Lake” Waterfowl Hunting Property for Sale

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Mud Lake has a rich history of successful waterfowl hunting. The season starts in September with phenomenal teal hunting and ends late in the spring with snow geese that have used the property as a roost for years. The deep water well, which has electric service can pump up five of the seven pools in the complex. In 2013 we started Phase 1 of the restoration project which repaired damaged levees and replaced water control structures on three pools. In 2015 we finished the restoration with contributions from the Missouri Department of Conservation, US Fish and Wildlife Service and Ducks Unlimited. Now with full water-level management capability, the pools are managed for moist soil which provides LOTS of wild millet and smartweed each year and is enhanced with annual food plots like corn and milo.

There is very little hunting competition around Mud Lake which sits along the north side of the Grand River and just west of the Thompson River, a few miles west of Chillicothe. Field feeding mallards frequent the Sampsel Bottoms around Mud Lake and use its pools for loafing and as a roost. Waterfowl have been using this property for decades and have been using it as a stop-over and roost site since the 1950’s.

If you’re looking for an affordable waterfowl property in a traditional use area that doesn’t have extreme competition on surrounding properties, this is it. You can roost your own birds at Mud Lake, kick them off in the morning, shoot them as they come back and let them get back in later in the day. Birds using the property are much less likely to get stale and educated like many of the birds in the Golden Triangle. Thousands of snow geese roost here every year in the spring on their way back north to the breeding grounds. There aren’t many waterfowl properties that are this well-rounded in North Missouri and this affordable.

I’ve been involved with Mud Lake for over 5 years and know what it is capable of and have seen how many birds use its seclusion and moist soil habitat in the fall. There have been two bucks that were killed here that grossed over 160″. With thousands of acres of tillable ground in the Sampsel Bottom, Mud Lake is one of the only areas they have to hide.

If you are looking for a property to big mature bucks, teal, honkers, early and late-season ducks and snow geese, this is it.

Contact Jody Graff at (660) 973-1606 for more information.

Property Highlights:

  • Established duck hunting property in North Missouri
  • Ready to hunt property in Livingston County
  • Mud Lake – established in the 1950’s
  • North Missouri duck and goose hunting
  • North Missouri hunters dream, ducks geese, and whitetail
  • Grand River duck hunting
  • Duck hunting near Chillicothe, MO
  • Duck hunting 90 miles from Kansas City, MO
  • Teal, Mallards, Canada and Snow Goose hunting on one tract

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