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This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!  Now available for purchase, 472.9 surveyed acres of highly productive tillable ground, with premier location for waterfowl. The tract is located on the east side of Grand Pass Conservation Area, adjacent to the Pool 7 Refuge.  Never has a tract of this size and development potential been offered to the public, adjacent to Grand Pass CA.  With the right development plan, this property will provide some of the best duck hunting opportunity in the Midwest. The ducks won’t know where the refuge ends and this property begins.

The conceptual design has been developed for the property by Dr. Mickey Heitmeyer, of Greenbrier Wetland Services.  Greenbrier Wetland Services was formed by Dr. Mickey Heitmeyer in association with many experienced and widely-respected wetland scientists and managers who have worked at all levels of federal, state, non-governmental, and private resource agencies and entities.  Dr. Heitmeyer is a former Group Manager of Conservation and Director of the Institute for Wetland and Waterfowl Research of Ducks Unlimited Inc., Director of Research and Outreach for the California Waterfowl Association, Research Biologist at the University of California-Davis, and Research Associate and Director of the Gaylord Memorial Laboratory of the University of Missouri-Columbia.

The conceptual design, grading plans and pool elevations are available for review in the ‘Property Resources’ section of the full listing on the TPA website.  The design consists of multiple pools that combine for 325 surface acres of water and 525 acre/feet of water storage capacity.  You can see how deep the water will be while reviewing the Pool Elevations document in the resources section. Also, in the resources section, is a grading plan that shows where dirt will be borrowed and where the levees will be.  The entire complex can be pumped from 2 well/pump locations. Electric service is available on the east end of the property and currently have an estimate provided by the electric provider.

Crop production in the Missouri River bottoms have been known for tremendous yields and this farm is no exception.  The farm has 377.45 tillable acres that averaged 210 bushel per acre in 2017.  The farm lease brought in $84,626.65 in 2017 and the farmers are willing to extend the contract to the buyers for 2018.  An additional 26 acres can be put back into production, making the farm 85% tillable.  The farm has 330 acres of highly productive Class II soils include Haynie, Nodaway and Leta.

Grand Pass CA is a 5,301 acre waterfowl management area owned by the Missouri Department of Conservation. Grand Pass has been the highest duck producing Conservation Area over the last 10 years and can stack up more than 500,000 mallards during the peak of the fall migration.  Grand Pass has recorded more duck-use days than any other state managed area over the last 10 years, with the exception of the 2009 season.  In the last 10 years, hunters at Grand Pass have harvested an average of 14,021 ducks per season.    Flooded corn, well-managed moist soil units, effective water-level management and large inviolate refuges have made Grand Pass CA the go-to spot for public hunting in Midwest.

Income-producing tillable ground with exceptional waterfowl development potential, adjacent to the best public hunting in Missouri…  This farm has the potential to become a phenomenal duck club and we have a strategic development plan, influenced by one of the most distinguished waterfowl biologists in the country.

For more information, contact Land and Habitat Specialist, Jody Graff (660) 973-1606.

Property Highlights:

  • 472.9 surveyed acres
  • Highly productive tillable ground
  • Premier location for waterfowl
  • East of Grand Pass Conservation Area
  • Development potential for exceptional waterfowl hunting property
  • Electric and deep water wells
  • Missouri River Bottoms

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